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This online database has building permits from 2004 and other permits (gas/plumbing/electrical, etc.) as of October, 2014.
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Applicant Name Site Address Permit Type Status Date Permit Number Details
 Ken Wood  285 WASHINGTON STREET  Temporary Signs - (Non-Profit)  Waiting for Signoff  4/28/2017    Details 
 Stephen Ehrlich  88 CENTER STREET  Electrical Application  Ready For Payment  4/28/2017    Details 
 clay reeder  96 HIGHLAND STREET  Residential Building Application  Pending  4/27/2017    Details 
 Brien Langill  5 PEBBLEBROOK ROAD  Electrical Application  Waiting for Additional Info  4/27/2017    Details 
 Kevin G. McIntyre, Esq.  56 WILLIAMS STREET  Residential Building Application  Pending  4/27/2017    Details 
 Brien Langill  5 PEBBLEBROOK ROAD  Residential Building Application  Waiting for Signoff  4/27/2017    Details 
 David E Hobaica  7 BENSON CIRCLE  Residential Building Application  Preliminary  4/27/2017    Details 
 Nathan Macdonald  12 PUDDINGSTONE LANE  Gas Fitting Application  Permit Issued  4/27/2017   G-17-0084  Details 
 Oliver Garry  285 WASHINGTON STREET  Commercial Building Application  Preliminary  4/27/2017    Details 
 David Anderson  600 TURNPIKE STREET  Electrical Application  Permit Issued  4/27/2017   E-17-0195  Details 
 John Brennick III  8 ISLAND COURT  Electrical Application  Fee Paid  4/27/2017    Details 
 Patrick Gleasure  101 NORTON AVENUE  Electrical Application  Permit Issued  4/26/2017   E-17-0197  Details 
 Steven Cole  23 SPOONER STREET  Residential Building Application  Permit Issued  4/26/2017   R-17-0278  Details 
 ADAM KEMPNER  171 SHERIDAN STREET  Electrical Application  Permit Issued  4/26/2017   E-17-0196  Details 
 John J McSharry  36 HILLINGTON DRIVE  Residential Building Application  Waiting for Additional Info  4/26/2017    Details 
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