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Applicant Name Site Address Permit Type Status Date Permit Number Details
 James Ellis  820 GREYLOCK ST  Residential Building Permit  Preliminary  8/16/2018    Details 
 Lee Youth Association  480 PLEASANT ST  Certificate Of Occupancy (C)  Pending  8/16/2018    Details 
 Stephen J Bartini  50 GEORGE ST  Residential Building Permit  Preliminary  8/16/2018    Details 
 Mircha Karcha  587 WEST RD  Gas Permit  Preliminary  8/16/2018    Details 
 Mircha Karcha  587 WEST RD  Plumbing Permit  Preliminary  8/16/2018    Details 
   181 BRADLEY ST  Residential Building Permit  Need Owners email Response  8/16/2018    Details 
 BERKSHIRE CORPORATE REALTY LL  480 PLEASANT ST  Commercial Building Permit  Pending  8/15/2018    Details 
 Matt Osak  130 GEORGE ST  Residential Building Permit  Waiting for Signoff  8/15/2018    Details 
 DOUG TROMBLY  480 PLEASANT ST  Commercial Building Permit  Waiting for Additional Info  8/14/2018    Details 
 Ryan Weldon  190 GREYLOCK ST  Electrical Permit  Pending  8/13/2018    Details 
 David L DeGiorgis  215 SPRING ST  Residential Building Permit  Ready For Payment  8/13/2018    Details 
 michael j borelli  317 WOODLAND RD  Electrical Permit  Ready For Payment  8/13/2018    Details 
 Bryan Hobbs Remodeling LLC  880 7B EAST ST  Commercial Building Permit  Permit Issued  8/13/2018   C-18-0060  Details 
 Brian Smith  750 MALLARD LANE  Electrical Permit  Ready For Payment  8/11/2018    Details 
 chris johnson  30 UNION ST  Electrical Permit  Permit Issued  8/10/2018   E-18-0089  Details 
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